Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cartas de Familiares para adjuntar al pequete del perdon.

Hola a todos, he desidido compartir estos ejemplos de cartas de familiares para que adjunten a sus paquetes del perdon, yo en mi caso solo añadi dos cartas de familiares, una de mi suegra y una de mi suegro, realmente no necesitan muchas cartas con unas dos o tres es mas que suficiente. Tambien me han preguntado mucho sobre si es necesario que el beneficiario haga una carta para ponerla en el paquete del perdon, yo les diria que no, no es necesario, yo no lo hice, realmente lo que importa  es que el Ciudadano demuestre como sufrira si a su esposo/a no se le permite reingresar a Estados Uniods o si el Ciudadano se muda a el pais extranjero, la carta del beneficiario no es muy util en este caso. Bueno aqui les dejo dos ejemplos de cartas de familiares, Saludos

Carta # 1
To whom this may concern;

My name is MamiLove. I am a legal citizen of the United States of America. I am the mother of MisterLove and I am also Danyislatina’s mother-in-law. I am writing you this letter to let you know how important is to let Danyislatina re-enter the United States to be with her family.

By not allowing my daughter-in-law Danyislatina to return to the United States, it will create an extreme hardship to her husband, my son as well as to her children.

My son would have to risk his employment status going back and forth to see his wife and children. My Grandson BabyLove  needs readily available care for his medical needs, due to a condition at his birth, both of my grandchildren need their parents in the States for stability and well being, and I am sure Danyislatina will do everything in her power to become a productive citizen in this country.

I hope that your decision is made in a timely fashion and that MisterLove and Danyislatina do not have to suffer being apart any longer. I appreciate your time in reading this letter and if you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at the number listed below.



Phone Number

Carta # 2




I am ____aunt, his mother, ____, is my sister. I am a United States citizens and I swear this letter is true.
We are a very closed family and we have deep morals and respect for marriage and what entails sharing a life together with our spouse. For this reason, it would be very difficult for my nephew, ____, to be separated from his wife,_____.

I have known ___ all of my life and I am sure he would be very unhappy and depressed if his wife is not allowed to came back to the United States. There is no doubt in my mind that he would follow her to Mexico so he can be with her. I beg that you please consider this situation.Mexico is not a safe place to live and right now there is a lot of crime and assaults.

You would be sending a young couple that doesn’t know anything about the difficulties of living in Mexico. ___ was born in the United States and ____ has been in this country since she was nine years old.
They don’t know any country but this one. Plus, it would be very difficult for my nephew to find a job in Mexico because he does not speak Spanish fluently and he would need to get a work permit because he is a US citizen. ____ has a good job here and he would lose it if he goes to Mexico.

My sister is also very sick and she needs of _____ to help her. He is the one son that takes care of her when she needs to go to the hospital and goes with her to the doctor. Recently, my sister had a surgery on her knee and _____ is the one that helped her until she got better. They are both hardworking people, they work hard to save money and have a good life, they study a lot. ____ worked many years to be able to safe money to pay for college so she would not have to ask the government for help to pay for her studies. 

____ is also very nice and is always willing to help. She helps my kids and my nephews with their homework. When my daughter has difficulty with her mathematic homework, ____s always there to help.
I would not like my nephew and his wife to go to Mexico. They got married to be together not separated. If ____ is not allowed to come back, my nephew will be devastated. Please keep them together in the United States and let them be happy.

Thank you,



  2. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! Do you still have a copy of your letter, I have to do one for my husband, and my God! I sit in front of my computer and get a blank mind, I think I get nervous, I don't know, but anyways you open ideas with your examples above, thank you!

    1. I fill you 100%. Im going through the same thing right now. Can you please give me some examples of what you did.please

    2. I fill you 100%. Im going through the same thing right now. Can you please give me some examples of what you did.please

    3. Do you guys have copy of the letters so we can used it as example it will help us a lot TIA

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing this does help, but I agree with Araceli Rosales, I recently made a letter to request marriage approval while he's was incarcerated , Thank God we got approved and are now married but for some reason This one letter makes me nervous I don't know.

    1. DO you still have your letters so we can use it as example

  4. Thank youuuuu very much . it really help me.

  5. hi, who has to sign the letter, is it the petitioner?

  6. Does it has to be made by hand or in computer? What other documents I need to include beside the letters? Please help me out!!!

    1. By Computer and notarized background checks
      Doctor records
      Bank statements
      Fotos together With family different occasions
      Birth certificates
      Check stubs
      Copy of leases
      School records kids

  7. Hola me encantaría que lo pusieran en español muchas personas aun no sabemos el ingles gracias.....

  8. La pueden hacer en español por favor

  9. Soy drimers cren k pueda aser una carta para un amigo.grasias

  10. Hola, estoy en el proceso con mi esposo que es ciudadano. Las cartas tienen que ser de preferencia de familiares del peticionario y deben ser ciudadanos.

  11. Las cartas tienen que ser escritas en inglés , si no saben escribir en inglés necesitas un traductor que sepa escribir correctamente.